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The muscle mass and strength of aging athletes drops, regardless of high intensity training into old age. These decreases start to occur at age 50 but accelerate after the age of 65 years.

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Thus, the older we become, the more important strength training should become. Apart from the performance benefits, strength training will go a long way to preventing injury, particularly when doing intense training.

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This principle involves working hard at times and easy at times. We work hard at times to stress our body and we work easy at times to allow recovery from the stress. Training the same way every day, week in week out is not the way to train effectively. Research on older non-athletes and anecdotal personal experience suggest that aging athletes need more rest between quality training sessions and therefore need to focus more aggressively on nutritional and physical recovery strategies.

We must allow our body to adapt to the training loads placed on it.

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Too little recovery leads to injury, overtraining and decreased performance or burnout. Although no research has examined recovery from workouts in the older athlete, research from older non-athletes suggests masters athletes take longer to recover between intense training sessions than younger athletes.

Recovery can include eating and drinking immediately after training, hot and cold water contrasts, spas, massages, light swims, or recovery jogs. Chapter 15 of The Masters Athlete examines these strategies in detail.

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Too many aging athletes get sick, injured, burnout or overtrain. When these occur, they are generally due to pushing too hard, too often without recovering smart. The downtime that results from these problems means lost fitness and the hard road back to that fitness level.

Consistent training, not hard training, is the smart way to fitness. It means using the recovery methods discussed in The Masters Athlete Chapter If the body continues to complain, see a sports medicine-trained professional who understands your sport. Browse related items: flexibility , intensity , overload , specificity , strength training , training principles.

Masters Athlete Search articles:. Top 12 Training Principles for Masters Athletes September 14th, 44 years of involvement in competitive sport and 21 years in sports science have taught me something — that best practice is taking what the science suggest may work and applying the science to see whether it does work. Below are what I consider the top twelve training principles for masters athletes. Specificity That is, we should analyse the demands of our sport or event and specifically train those demands. Progressive Overload Training needs to place demands on the body in training. Train intensely The bottom line is that training intensely is the key to success in sport , regardless of the age of the athlete.

Use intensity sparingly As a general rule, no more than three intense workouts should be done by the experienced and competitive aging athlete per week. Always warm-up and cool-down To prevent injuries, reduce the risk of a cardiac event and maximize training or racing performance, warm-up is essential. Do flexibility training In the aging athlete, research has shown that flexibility decreases, particularly in the hip joint.

Strength training

To prevent injury, increase range of movement and thus force application, help recover from workouts, and for helping prevent or treat some debilitating diseases, stretch in front of the TV times per week 8. Strength train all year round The muscle mass and strength of aging athletes drops, regardless of high intensity training into old age.

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