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I just blew in from Montana with a bunch of cattle.? Voici l? Ma voiture croise une autre voiture, qui ralentit et s?? Par distraction, je regarde. Au milieu, un jeune homme, beau comme un acteur; sur sa poitrine, il tient deux femmes qui s? My car passes another, that slows down and chokes in changing speed.


Bored, I watch. Inside, there are three people. In the middle, a young man, handsome as an actor.

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On his chest he holds two women who kiss each other. Quand nous aimons, je lui fais ouvrir des yeux tout grands. Elles restent accroch? Note: Fr. Touche chaud. Touch warm. See also d , which may have suggested this. Possibly a development of f , but the reading here is uncertain. Note: Instead of writing?

A sensational case was heard before a special Court at Carrick-on-Shannon when an extensive County Leitrim farmer named Francis Reynolds was charged in custody that on May 13 last, he killed a heifer, the property of a neighbour, Patrick McLoughlin, by administering poison. McLoughlin on entering found a heifer with its nostrils covered with blue stuff like copper sulphate bluestone , and the animal died an hour later.

Ballad Poetry of Ireland? This ballad is inserted in the Jacobite Relics of Scotland, but it is unquestionably Irish. It is sung to an old Irish air of the same name An londubh , the Blackbird , and has been in common use all over Munster for a century. Sheehy-Skeffington paid a tribute to the Lord Mayor for the very many acts of a public-sprited character which had distinguished his career in office.

How long are you a cabman??

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I have been driving my cab for 52 years in Dublin, and my father was in the business before me. Note: Breton. Ar mor. By the sea , hence Armorica, the Latin name of Brittany. That man was the prisoner. I am a police officer. Is that your bag?? He replied:? I believe so.? At the same time he lifted the bag up and said:? I believe it is.? Witness then said:? I want to have a look to see what it contains,? I have not got the key.? According to Bradshaw? Meas : Scruple.

Lit : a Ecclesiastical contribution. Tiny bit, morsel, shred. Coll : Peelings, scrapings. Ford, D. Julia Collins, Glenafoosha, on the night of the 14th inst. Hosty: Who would be the most likely person to get Nora Bane back than her brother??

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  7. Why didn? Said witness.? Hosty: Wasn? I knew his voice. Do you want Michael back now?? Witness: Go on with what you are going on with laughter. You need not ask me that at all. Outre-Tombe Planco? Note: John Wyse in Ulysses also refers to the battle and claims that? We gave our best blood to France and Spain, the wild geese. Fontenoy, eh?? On en rit, et le mot entra dans la langue vulgaire o? This was joked about and the word was used in the vernacular where it took the meaning that it has today, of?

    Note: Czd. See also j , e.

    Elle a beaucoup lu, mais elle n? Mets cette blouse, fit Habib. Tu vas rigoler. Il me rest? Harpye: un ressemelage facial; ensuite Pam? Tu seras mon aide. Slang for Garde municipal local police officer. Note: This and the next two entries are in Nora? McMonagle, Brisbane [ Excellent Cuisine. S, CORK. Note: Traverse. In law, to contradict formally. The Minister of Finance acknowledges receipt of?

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    I beg the favour of your columns to ventilate a grievance of the working-classes, re the recent re-opening of the Natural History Museum. Previous to the Dail occupation it was open on Sundays from 2 p. At present it is closed on the only day in the week in which it is possible for them to see it with any degree of comfort.?

    Entrer dans la tentation (Mt 6, 13 ; Lc 11, 4)

    Ils r? Ils pavent la grande route royale des id? Do not look down on the grammarians, said Victor Hugo: they are useful workers. They repair a language that is constantly broken and assailed by the heavy wagons of prose and eloquence that the newspapers, the press, the bar and the court, parliament send to the four corners of France, and that is, one has to admit, sometimes also assailed, although in a different fashion, by the royal passing of the great writers.

    They pave the royal highway of ideas.? Bonfire Night? The custom of keeping St. Bonfire Night,? Despite, however, its connection with the Saint [? Fire worshippers? John that whereas the Church usually celebrates the feasts of her saints on the anniversaries of thir deaths, St.

    Elizabeth of Mary, the mother of God. The observance of? Beltein signifies? St John?

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    Bonfires are still lit in Germany as part of the Midsummer Eve celebrations associated with the feast of St John. Beltane was the ancient Celtic May-day feast, also celebrated by the lighting of bonfires. You may say there were. It was a? Hosty, plaintiff said he notified Lally about the sick sheep in November.?