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Among the findings is another close encounter by the asteroid with Earth in with chance of impact currently at approximately 1 in , As with earlier orbital estimates where Earth impacts in and could not initially be ruled out due to the need for additional data, it is expected that the encounter will diminish in probability as more information about Apophis is acquired.

Initially, Apophis was thought to have a 2. Additional observations of the asteriod ruled out any possibility of an impact in The Apophis asteroid is approximately the size of two-and-a-half football fields. A majority of the data that enabled the updated orbit of Apophis came from observations made by Dave Tholen and collaborators at the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy in Manoa.

Tholen pored over hundreds of previously unreleased images of the night sky made with the University of Hawaii's inch telescope , located near the summit of Mauna Kea. Tholen made improved measurements of the asteroid's position in the images, enabling him to provide Chesley and Chodas with new data sets more precise than previous measures for Apophis.

The science of predicting asteroid orbits is based on a physical model of the solar system which includes the gravitational influence of the sun , moon , other planets and the three largest asteroids. NASA detects and tracks asteroids and comets passing close to Earth using both ground and space -based telescopes. The Near Earth-Object Observations Program, commonly called " Spaceguard ," discovers these objects, characterizes a subset of them and plots their orbits to determine if any could be potentially hazardous to our planet.

Source: NASA. This is a partial list of numbered minor planets , running from 1 through inclusive. See List of minor planets for the master list. Contents: Its surface is highly reflective bright and its composition is probably a mixture of nickel - iron with magnesium - and iron - silicates.

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Astraea was the fifth asteroid discovered, on December 8, by K. It was his first of two asteroid discoveries. The second was 6 Hebe. An amateur astronomer and post office employee, Hencke was looking for 4 Vesta when he stumbled on Astraea. The King of Prussia awarded him with an annual pension of 1, marks for the discovery.

After the discovery of Astraea, thousands of other asteroids would follow. Indeed, the discovery of Astraea proved to be the starting point for the eventual demotion of the four original asteroids which were regarded as planets at the time [ 8 ] to their current status, as it became apparent that these four were only the largest of a whole new type of celestial body. There has been only one observed stellar occultation by Astraea February 2, Back to discovery circumstances of the numbered minor planets.

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Navigation HOME. Mars Science Lab. They could also only be played on a gramophone equipped with a special sound box containing a sapphire needle, one which never had to be changed. The parent company had manufactured these gramophone records since 1 , pressing them from matrices that were made via a hectograph transfer of the original recording on a special master cylinder.

At the beginning, Pathe brand gramophone records did not have paper labels - the data on the recording was pressed directly into the central part of the gramophone record and highlighted by a white filler. Some of these non-standard parameters were originally chosen to allow the manufacturer to avoid numerous patent protections that applied both to the hill-and-dale recording on Edison's cylinders, and to the lateral recording of Berliner's gramophone records.

The centre of the gramophone record was chosen as the starting point so that the centrifugal force affecting the sound pick-up arm as the record played would help keep the round point of the sapphire in a relatively shallow groove. With this method the needle just"swam"- i. We will describe the activities of this entrepreneur in more detail mainly in the part dedicated to the Artiphon group.

Violin virtuoso, composer and pedagogue at Prague Conservatoire. His art was also captured on the first Czech sound film "When the strings weep" 1 In the beginning, Pathe issued Viennese pressings 32 of transcriptions from cylinders recorded since with Czech artists who were active on Vienna's theatre and opera stages. Later - until - a Viennese technician made new recordings in a studio in Prague's district of Smichov near the Andel locality. Naturally, recordings of Czech opera singers, mostly arias from Smetana's and Dvorak's operas, were also included.


After , the repertoire was enriched with songs from operettas popular at the time - "The Divorced Lady", "Dollar Princesses", etc. Frantisek Bohuslav who was disabled later, 34 made several recordings for this label. In , tenor Karel Burian 35 recorded four opera arias in Vienna in German for the German catalogue of Pathe gramophone records. These had a diameter of 35 cm.

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During the years of the First World War, the U. Although the number of Czech records pressed on Pathe brand gramophone records was relatively high, today it is difficult to determine the circumstances under which they were recorded. In this regard, the recollections of Vaclav Podrabsky, the former archivist and chronicler at Prague's National Theatre are somewhat confusing. He claimed 37 that he had been present forty years earlier at the recordings on Pathe gramophone records in Prague's Andel recording studio unfortunately, he did not specify the locality.

He says he accompanied " Before every recording - says Mr. Podrabsky - the Prague agent of the record companies jumped in front of a huge funnel and exclaimed: 'Hello, hello, Pathe record! In addition, the quoted announcement was never heard on any Pathe gramophone record only the name of the artist is sometimes announced, 31 These gramophone records, largest in terms of diameter, were played at a speed of 1 30 rotations per minute.

Vienna VI, Kostlergasse.

miscellaneous-sonstiges: September

Removes the needle and the wear it causes! The latest triumph of knowledge! The most popular and most prolific cabaret artist from the turn of the 20 th century. He recorded several thousand of his shows on phonographic cylinders and gramophone records of various brands. The uncle of bandmaster and composer F. Actor and writer who went blind during World War I. In addition to recordings for Pathe, he only made two more recordings in 1 on Ultraphon gramophone records. A significant Czech opera singer, known abroad as Carl Burrian. Brother to baritone Emil Burian. Violin virtuoso, composer and pedagogue.

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But the most important issue is that the majority of the artists mentioned are not known to have ever made recordings for Pathe. It is therefore quite possible that Mr. Podrabsky was present with those artists at an earlier recording on the gramophone records of another company. However, since 1 at the very latest, the exclusive representative for the Czech lands, Moravia and Silesia had been J.

using data from JPL, Geneva, Schmadel, LCDB and ADS

Neuville's company at the address Jungmannova trida No. After , Pathe did not renew its representation in the Czechoslovak Republic, and no more reissues of pre-war Czech recordings were published on this label. We encounter the custom-made non- commercial gramophone records of this brand with the Czech programme again at the beginning of the s. Other record companies on the Czech market Before , the four aforementioned record companies - The Gramophone Co.

But other, smaller foreign companies were present here as well. Close behind the major gramophone companies, the Berlin-based Homophon Company G. The first Czech recordings were issued on the Homokord label with the depiction of a beautiful harpist by the gramophone Fig. These "musical sound plates recognized as a first-class product" came on the market in packaging carrying the slogan "pure in sound and word", i.