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Bureau of Labor Statistics. While there are striking similarities in how experts address the issue, the differences are just as pronounced.

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Still, there are notable attempts at bringing some process, science and even analytics into the fray. InsightSquare parsed executive opinions on Quora , while Objective Management Group conducted rigorous research involving 1 million salespeople to isolate characteristics of top performers.

We've created a list of qualities based on these common grounds. Consider these qualities as the bedrock of selling excellence, something anyone who plans on pursuing a sales career should build and improve on continually. You might think you already possess most of these skills in varying degrees. But to become an elite sales professional, you need to have all of them in ample amounts.

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It might take years to master all of them. But given how highly successful salespeople exude confidence, wisdom and fulfilment, it's certainly worth doing. If you want to learn which countries are the biggest sales superstars, check out our Global Sales Performance Review. Download this checklist complete with all of the best questions to ask during an interview with a sales candidate. So how does one become an elite sales performer?

What makes a sales superstar?

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They assume responsibility for engagement outcomes and never point fingers nor make excuses when things go wrong. This trait compels salespeople to make excellence a pervasive and permanent influence in their workflow.

Because they consider themselves directly responsible for the success of all their efforts, these achievers always set high performance and quality standards for themselves, often exceeding those established by their organization. It takes more than inborn talent to become a selling sensation. Arguably, you can even become one even if you lack the inborn traits that some commenters on Quora believe predispose a person to a great career in selling.

While not everyone accepts that great salespeople already had it in them at birth, everyone agrees that you need extensive training and the will to keep upgrading your skills to deliver consistently high performance. Top people in sales always seek fresh, creative solutions to their challenges and are willing to learn new techniques and tools to up their game.

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Moreover, as seen in highly successful sales gurus — passion for continuous learning and self-improvement often extends to other aspects of life such as health, family, lifestyle, and social relationships. Success is determined by whether or not we achieved the goals we've set out to accomplish. Hence, successful individuals are those who are focused on consistently accomplishing the objectives set out before them. As these goals are often represented by milestones and quantified by different metrics, sales superstars appreciate numbers, setting and achieving goals all the time.

In selling, these goals include sales targets, activity goals, success rate, and efficiency ratios. Sellers with low motivation rarely — if ever — achieve targets. That's understandable. Without motivation, you'll find it difficult to meet targets, much less exceed them. A few instances of customer rejection can easily sap your will to go on. In contrast, highly motivated sales professionals are driven to surpass targets, possess the grit to continue even amid discouraging circumstances, and view problems not as stumbling blocks but as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Product Knowledge. Rewards include commission checks, quarterly and annual bonuses, trips, prizes, and a slew of other incentives.

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Those who hire sales professionals hire them to increase their revenues. Without sales, their doors will soon be closed, so employers are willing to do what it takes to get their sales teams motivated—that motivation usually comes in the form of income.

senjouin-renkai.com/wp-content/map19.php Many outside sales positions come with the benefit of a flexible schedule. For sales professionals who don't abuse this freedom and who use their work hours for business-generating purposes, the resulting rewards are tremendous. When coupled with the ability to take a mental break during the day or to run a quick personal errand, sales careers and the associated flexibility become highly desirable positions. If you were to offer a successful salesperson a full-time desk job, you'd probably have your offer rejected. The more valuable you make yourself to your employer, the less likely you are to be fired, replaced, or laid off.

However, if the economy turns, the industry you work in takes a hit, or if the owners of the company decide to sell the business or simply retire, your value decreases significantly. The same can be said about sales professionals.

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The difference is that successful salespeople are usually the last to be cut from dying businesses because cutting sales means cutting revenue, which is not a good plan for a business trying to remain viable. Every business that sells a product or service needs effective salespeople to drive their revenues. If you are good in sales, you have tremendous market value.