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The former Golden State Warriors player has admitted that he used to blame his dad for being short. This was because he stood at only 5'3" when he was Jeremy would eventually reach his adult height of 6'3" and has since apologised to his father. His maternal grandmother's family was tall, and her father was over 6'0".

This may account for where Jeremy got his height from. He was very lucky to have inherited tall genes from that side of his family because his two brothers, Joseph, and Josh Lin, are below 6'0". His younger brother, Joseph Lin, is next tallest at around 5'11" and currently plays in Taiwan's Super Basketball League. Gordon Hayward currently plays for the Boston Celtics. He played college basketball at Butler University for two seasons where he led his team to a runner-up finish in the NCAA Tournament during his sophomore season.

It had always been the dream of Gordon to play in the NBA since age 5.

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Because of this, he focussed on building the skills that would set him up for success as a guard. According to sports commentator Pat Forde, Hayward's father "continually pushed his son to develop a guard's skill set," believing he was destined to be of average size. He trained him to be the best ball handler, outside shooter, and facilitator he could be. Hayward's unusual skill set was largely the result of his father's misconception about his future growth. Forde refers to Hayward as "The guy who learned how to play like a guard but now has the size of a power forward.

He and his twin sister, Heather, both starred at tennis and were a fantastic mixed doubles pair. Gordon's first appearance in the sports pages was not in basketball but in tennis. However, his mother persuaded him to stay with basketball for one more year. Some may call it serendipity, others divine intervention. Either way, Gordon had an unexpected growth spurt that changed the course of his career.

He shot up to 6'4" as a sophomore. Two years after he almost abandoned basketball, he had grown to 6'7" 2. He reached 6'8" 2. Suddenly, the kid who was a solid guard had turned into an incredible, unique swingman with a guard skill set. He almost turned into a different player overnight.

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Wilt Chamberlain is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most dominant players in NBA history. It is hard to believe that Wilt, who was 7'1", was conceived by parents who were of average height but that was the case. Wilt's dad, William Chamberlain, was only 5'8". His mom, Olivia Ruth Johnson, stood at 5'9". Olivia Johnson used to tell young Wilt stories of her grandfather who was a farmer and stood at around 7'0". This might explain where Wilt got his unusual height from.

The family had tall genes because one of his brothers, Wilbert Chamberlain, also grew to 6'5". The only player to score points in a single NBA game was already six feet tall at age He was 6'11" when he entered Philadelphia's Overbrook High School and had a strong advantage over his peers. Despite his overall dominance, Wilt was very terrible at free-throw shooting. During his career, he missed 5, free throws. Amazingly, he never fouled out of an NBA game. Moses Malone is regarded as the greatest offensive rebounder of all time.

His mom stood at a mere 5'2". Only his hands seemed a result of that union for he had incredibly small hands for a man of 6'10". He could palm the ball but couldn't dunk and control the ball like so many small guards. Because of this, Tom Nissalke, the Rockets' coach, gave him a series of hand-stretching exercises, like those for a pianist. His teammate Rick Barry once joked that if his hands were proportionate to his body, the league would have to outlaw him.

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It was probably due to the fact that he had to work extra hard to overcome this limitation which ironically resulted in him being one of the game's best rebounders. He had reached his full height when he was 19 and was one of the most sought-after college basketball prospects in history.

He became the first player to enter professional basketball directly from high school. The other is Manute Bol, and they both stood at 7'7". Gheorghe did not get his height from his parents. His dad is 5'9," and his mom is 5'7". Manute Bol, on the other hand, came from a family of extraordinarily tall people. Bol's mom was 6'10", his dad was 6'8", and his sister was also 6'8". Manute's great-grandfather was even taller at 7'10". His ethnic group, the Dinka, and the Nilotic people of which they are a part of, are among the taller populations of the world.

Almost immediately after he was selected in the second round of the NBA draft by Washington, he underwent surgery to eliminate the tumor on his pituitary gland.

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The former Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets player didn't start playing basketball until he was He enjoyed playing soccer and was encouraged to try out basketball because he stood at almost 7'0" at that age. His career was unfortunately derailed by injuries. Gheorghe is married to a Romanian lady called Liliane who stands at 6'1".

They have two sons, George and Victor, who also have a love for basketball. His older son George is already 6'8" at His younger son Victor, who is only 13, is the same height as his mom Liliane. The harsh reality is that your height is largely determined by genetics. Granted, as these NBA players have shown, some people can overcome this. However, the vast majority of us will be roughly the same height as our parents.

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There are some measures you can take to reach your maximum potential height. Nutrition plays an important role in a person's developing years. Getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals can help your body grow strong and potentially taller during puberty. Getting plenty of sleep is important as well as this is when your body develops growth hormones. Keep in mind that this is only applicable for children and young teenagers.

You are generally done growing by the time you hit your late teens and early 20s. Are these the only NBA players who had short parents? I highly doubt so. If you know of any other players, please let me know in the comments section below. Which NBA players had late growth spurts?

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How tall was LeBron James when he was 11 years old? How tall was Kobe Bryant during his high school freshman year? How tall are Zion Williamson's mom and dad?

How tall are Tacko Fall's mom and dad? How tall was Michael Jordan in high school?

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Steph Curry stood at only 5'7" and weighed pounds in his freshman year of high school. Genetics is unpredictable so anything can happen with your height. I will advise you not to concentrate too much on your future height as this has already been written in your genetic code. The best thing you can do it to eat healthily, sleep well, and exercise regularly so you can grow to your full potential. Kevin Durant was unusually tall from a young age. He stood at almost 6'0" when he was thirteen. How tall are Kevin Durant's mom and dad?

Joe Manganiello stands at 6'5," but both of his parents are below 6'0".

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His dad stands at around 5'11, and his mom stands not more than 5'10". We take a look at some famous male personalities mostly actors who stand at least 4 inches shorter than their dads. Bill Gates - Bill Gates is one of the richest and most influential personalities in the world. Bill Gates stands at around 5'9" and with a dad that stands at a staggering 6'7", you would think Bill should have been at least 6'0" tall.