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A wound and dishonor shall he get whose heart is deceived by a woman, and his reproach shall not be wiped away.

Everlasting shame and contempt will be the portion of those that are blinded and bound by their own lusts. The devil that deceived them will insult over them. How justly the God of Israel brought sudden destruction upon them by the hands of Samson. Thousands of the Philistines had got together to attend their lords in the sacrifices and joys of this day, and to be the spectators of this comedy; but it proved to them a fatal tragedy, for they were all slain and buried in the ruins of the house: whether it was a temple or a theatre, or whether it was some slight building run up for the purpose, is uncertain.


Those who were destroyed : All the lords of the Philistines J u dges. A number of , and among them a great many women, one of whom, it is likely, the harlot of Gaza mentioned, Judges. Samson had been drawn into sin by the Philistine women, and now a great slaughter is made among them.

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How they were destroyed? Samson pulled the house down upon them, He gained strength to do it by prayer, Judges. That strength which he had lost by sin he, like a true penitent, recovers by prayer.

Samson died praying, so did our blessed Savior; but Samson prayed for vengeance, Christ for forgiveness. Note: [1. All their lords and great men were killed, and abundance of their people, and this in the midst of their triumph; the temple of Dagon was pulled down, and Dagon buried in it. They were now in the most barbarous manner making war upon him; all present were aiding and abetting, and justly die with him.

Lastly , the story of Samson concludes, with an account of his burial. It has a long inner chamber, its roof originally supported by two wooden pillars.


He is listed without comment as one of the heroes of faith in Hebrews Playwright Janet Irene Thomas. Bible Stories Theatre of.

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Because Hersh named Ben-Menashe as a major source of the book, other allegations by the former Israeli official were granted greater attention.


The Samson Brothers -The Revelation

However, Gates was confirmed after the Senate Intelligence Committee could not substantiate the claims. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal. This article is in list format, but may read better as prose.


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The Samson Brothers -The Revelation

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