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  • She also accompanied her mother on charitable ventures from an early age. Her father came from a morganatic marriage and thus had a lower title and little to no inheritance, which resulted in him landing into a lot of debt. When they returned to London in , Mary took on some secretarial duties for her mother, helping with correspondence and arranging social events. Like other women of the aristocracy and royalty, Mary of Teck was presented as a debutante at the age of eighteen in At the time, the royal family was seeking a match for Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son of the Prince of Wales and thus a future king.

    Queen Victoria was personally fond of Mary, and Mary had a particular advantage over any other potential brides: she was a British princess, rather than a foreign one, but she was not directly descended from Victoria, so she would not be too closely related to the prince. The couple, who were only three years apart in age, became engaged after a lengthy courtship in Unfortunately, their engagement only lasted six weeks before Albert Victor fell ill in an influenza pandemic. He died from his illness, before they had even set a wedding date, devastating Mary and the entire royal family. The solution was for George to wed Mary.

    In , he proposed and she accepted. George and Mary wed on July 6, at St. In the time since their marriage had been suggested, they had fallen very much in love. In fact, George, unlike his notoriously adulterous father and ancestors, never had a mistress. Mary thus became the Duchess of York. The couple moved to York Cottage, a relatively small royal residence for a simpler life while they could and had six children: five sons and one daughter. Throughout the war, the King and Queen provided morale-boosting visits throughout the United Kingdom, visiting bomb sites, munitions factories, and troops.

    The King replied: "You should worry, when I meet him, I always think he's after mine!

    Biography: King George V

    In , crowds shouted "We want the King! In an echo of Chamberlain's appearance, the King invited Churchill to appear with the royal family on the balcony to public acclaim. George VI's reign saw the acceleration of the dissolution of the British Empire. The Statute of Westminster had already acknowledged the evolution of the Dominions into separate sovereign states.

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    The process of transformation from an empire to a voluntary association of independent states, known as the Commonwealth , gathered pace after the Second World War. In he ceased to be King of India when it became a republic within the Commonwealth and recognised his new title of Head of the Commonwealth ; he remained King of Pakistan until his death. Other countries left the Commonwealth, such as Burma in January , Palestine divided between Israel and the Arab states in May and the Republic of Ireland in In , the King and his family toured Southern Africa.

    The stress of the war had taken its toll on the King's health, [96] [97] made worse by his heavy smoking [98] and subsequent development of lung cancer among other ailments, including arteriosclerosis and Buerger's disease.

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    • A planned tour of Australia and New Zealand was postponed after the King suffered an arterial blockage in his right leg, which threatened the loss of the leg and was treated with a right lumbar sympathectomy in March His elder daughter Elizabeth, the heir presumptive, took on more royal duties as her father's health deteriorated. The delayed tour was re-organised, with Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh , taking the place of the King and Queen. The King was well enough to open the Festival of Britain in May , but on 23 September , his left lung was removed by Clement Price Thomas after a malignant tumour was found.

      On 31 January , despite advice from those close to him, the King went to London Airport [b] to see Elizabeth and Philip off on their tour to Australia via Kenya. In the words of Labour Member of Parliament George Hardie , the abdication crisis of did "more for republicanism than fifty years of propaganda".

      During his reign his people endured the hardships of war, and imperial power was eroded. However, as a dutiful family man and by showing personal courage, he succeeded in restoring the popularity of the monarchy. The George Cross and the George Medal were founded at the King's suggestion during the Second World War to recognise acts of exceptional civilian bravery.

      George held a number of titles throughout his life, as successively great-grandson, grandson and son of the monarch. As sovereign, he was referred to most often as simply The King or His Majesty. In his position as sovereign, George automatically held the position of Commander-in-Chief. As king, he bore the royal arms undifferenced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see George VI disambiguation. King of the United Kingdom. Formal photograph c.

      St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon m.

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      Windsor from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha until Ancestors of George VI [] 8. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha 4. Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom 2. George V, King of the United Kingdom Christian IX, King of Denmark 5. Princess Alexandra of Denmark Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel 1. Francis, Duke of Teck Princess Mary of Teck Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge 7. Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel.

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