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Making U-turns

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If you feel different after a drink, you drive different. Caltrans said scheduled maintenance work will affect drivers going to and from San Francisco, starting late Saturday night.

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According to AAA, 55 million people are expected to take to the roads, rails and skies during Thanksgiving week. But three big storms could slow your roll to grandma's house. People need to read BART's rules and abide by them, not just read text messages or Facebook postings.

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The following explanation is consistent with the laws cited for both Illinois in this question and Ontario the linked question :. The rules for the first turn are the same as for any left turn: The vehicle must have the right of way. This can be because the vehicle has a left turn light, or because the vehicle has entered the intersection and can complete a left turn without impeding opposing traffic. The rules for the second turn are the same as for any left turn from an intersection: If an opposing vehicle referencing now the cross-street can go straight or turn right, then the vehicle turning left must yield.

In the scenario described: The opposing vehicle could not go straight because it had a red light and was not in the intersection. There are only two circumstances in which the vehicle making the U-turn i. If a driver making a right turn on a red light is required to yield the right of way to "other drivers", then it would reason that the car making the u-turn on a left arrow has the right of way.

Ontario U-Turn Laws

The person turning right from the turn lane has the right of way. That is the literal intention of the turn lane. Even if you want to argue against the person in the right turn lane, Illinois vehicle codes say you must slow down to prevent an accident. So, even if the other driver had the right of way he did not operate his vehicle in a safe manor and would therefore be in the wrong.

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I'm not sure if these facts are relevant, but I'll include them just in case: If there had been an accident, the u-turner would have struck the left side near the back end of the right-turner's vehicle, but fortunately stopped in time. The right-turner got there first. The u-turner was on a 4 lane road 2 lanes per direction and turned into the right lane which was the same lane the right-turner turned into. However, I doubt the u-turner's vehicle could have turned tight enough to end up in the left lane, even if it was attempted.

Is the right of way defined for this scenario in Illinois?


How to Make a Legitimate U Turn in 6 Safe Steps

If U-turns are allowed at the light, they have precedence because they have the green light. Someone turning right-on-red must ensure that they have a clear path. I was hoping to find a citation for IL that made it clearly one way or the other. Hmmm, I looked at that question. Caltrans has made some temporary repairs and a permanent fix should come in a couple of months. They had to wait for emergency funds.

Right Turn vs. U Turn Right of Way when not at a lighted intersection

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Death is city's 24th traffic fatality of the year. Transit system director says agency fails to invest enough in safe and clean trains and stations.