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Rhythmic, uphill swing, or one hot mess?

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Modern Arabian Horse Issue 5. Pilates for Riders. October Horse Illustrated. Calm and confident or spooky and silly? September The Horse. September Horse Illustrated. Back to Schooling : tips for more productive practice sessions. July Equine Journal. Combine training with trail riding for the best of both worlds with tips from trainer Cathy Drumm.

Modern Arabian Horse Issue 3. Barn Party Potluck Recipes. Part 3: Heading to the ring.

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Expert researchers share the latest in tick-borne diseases in horses. Should you sign up for that dressage clinic? Expert guidance- plus how to get the most out of the experience, whether you ride or audit. May Equine Journal. Part 2: Making the most of your show warm-up. May Horse Illustrated. Banish the heavy horse tug-of-war for good with tips from Grand Prix dressage rider, Reese Koffler-Stanfield. Part 1: Making the most out of a schooling show.

Banish the end-of-winter blues with these tips! Modern Arabian Horse Issue 2. Tips for Spring Shedding. February Horse Illustrated. Tips from Pan-Am Gold medalist Kim Herslow on keeping your horse forward-thinking and sharp to the aids! February Equine Journal. Staws, doses, BSEs: everything you ever wanted to know about breeding with frozen semen from the industry's experts at Select Breeder Services. Modern Arabian Horse Issue 1. Overseeding, traffic pads and more: everything you need to know to keep turnout as ice- and mud-free as possible, with productive pastures come spring.

Expert tips from Dr. Winter Pasture and Paddock Management. A few tips and tricks are all you need to improve your horse's transitions; Patrick King tells us how. Horse Illustrated Transitions. August Equine Journal. Ready to mix up your schooling with cavalletti fun? The search for new lice treatments is on, and researchers from the United Kingdom believe that simple essential oil solutions could be one answer. Lavender and tea tree oils to the rescue!

July Horse Illustrated. Equine Journal's Health and Nutrition Guide. Everything you ever wanted to know and lots that you didn't even know you need to know when reading a feed bag label with Middle Tennesse University's Dr.

The Ethics and Passions of Dressage, Expanded Edition (English Edition by Charles de Kunffy

Rhonda Hoffman. June Horse Illustrated. Expert advice for healthy hooves on HorseChannel. Why should you stop feeding your horse corn oil? What's a ration balancer? Is there really no such thing as a low-carb diet for horses? All this and more with Dr. Clair Thunes of Summit Equine Nutrition. Warmbloods: Form follows function and function follows form. Sport Horse Superstars. April The Horse. Kent Allen, Dr. Myra Barrett, and Dr. Jake Hersman. Baroque Beauties. March Equine Journal. March The Horse.

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Equine Journal Dateline. Tales from the horse show night watch. EJ NightWatch.

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Insiders' tips on prenatal mare care from Dr. December Horse Illustrated. Grand Prix dressage trainer Heather Blitz unravels the mysterious half-halt. November Equine Journal. Fabulous Therapy Horses! Two of the world's top competitors, eventer Phillip Dutton and dressage rider Shelly Francis, share their tips on how to handle the 'firecracker' in your barn.

October Equine Journal.


Just ask Cambry Kaylor, a young and vibrant equestrian who wears many hats: para-dressage rider, vaulting coach, and American Vaulting Association apprentice judge. Most people are familiar with riding for the handicapped programs, but did you know vaulting plays a role in therapeutic programs as well? Find out how these equestrian programs are changing lives. The Horse. September Equine Journal. What to Expect When You're Inspected. Everybody loves talented equestrians on beautiful horses. How about adding to the mix athletic feats like handstands and leaps?

The icing on the cake: a country-western singer. What could possibly be so cool?

The Ethics and Passions of Dressage,: Expanded Edition - Charles de Kunffy - Google книги

For two show-stopping weeks in August and September, the world's best in show jumping, dressage, three-day eventing, vaulting, combined driving, endurance, reining, and para-dressage converge on Normandy, France to celebrate elite horse sports in the World Equestrian Games WEG. Grand Prix dressage rider Kathy Von Ertfelda shares her tips for introducing half-steps, the building blocks for piaffe and passage.

Whether your greatest nemesis or your BFF, feelings about mares run strong among riders! Read how top riders have broken the code on what it takes to bring out the best in their female mounts, as well as veterinary insight from an equine reproduction specialist in 'The Mare Mystique. Kathleen Crandell of Kentucky Equine Research ker.

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Insights into the science and the industry in my June Equine Journal interview. Everything you need to know about supplements for senior performance horses! SmartPak's Dr. Eleanor Kellon discuss digestion, joints, immune system, and more.

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  • March Blood-Horse. Researchers at Utrecht University's Department of Equine Sciences in the Netherlands found a certain oral supplement containing glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin sulfate did not improve stiff gait in sound, senior horses. Everything you need to know about nosebands in dressage, from the Micklem bridle to the two-finger rule. Solar foot penetration injuries involving the joints can be career- and even life-threatening. Equine Journal. From post and beam to fabric, tips on choosing the right structure to suit your needs in 'Home Sweet Barn. Grand Prix rider Pati Pierucci shares exercises for introducing collection at lower levels.

    There's one thing every equestrian has in common: hitting the dirt at some point. Experts Debbie Rodriguez, producer of Success in the Saddle and Laura King, author of The Power to Win take you step by step towards becoming physically and mentally fit to ride again after a tumble. FEI dressage rider Mary Armstrong shares her courageous story of returning to the saddle after two tough falls. Equestrian associations in every discipline require funding to make the sport happen. With thier gorgeous mane, tail and feather, Gypsies were made to show in hand!