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So that's right folks This book is one of those that has caused me a little bit of conflict because, although I really enjoyed it, it reminded me a lot of another succubus series that I have recently read. This is always Katana Collins. Which means that I can be found most weekends sitting by it with my laptop, writing or in a lounge chair.

Soul Stripper

I really enjoyed the live-action film, and the first-person voiceover really sets of the unique premise. That line features prominently in the video for Aftermath by Denise Grover Swank , and it perfectly sums up the angst depicted in the trailer for this YA book.

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I was intrigued by the clear anxiety of the heroine and the pain of hero — beautifully acted on the screen. The Hourglass by Sharon Struth is a book about the fallout from infidelity, secrets and suicide.

The imagery was simple, clean and fit the tone perfectly. Remember: You can refer book trailers for a feature spot in the column. They need to be romances any genre is OK , and I will take a look.

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A ballerina. And an actress.

She's proud to say that a few of these even came true. Katana attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she took only one writing class-but it was the class that changed the course of her life forever. One amazing professor and one semester later, she emerged with a new set of skills and was finally able to develop what was always a passion into that of a career.

Review: Soul Stripper by Katana Collins

Or in Katana's case, one of many careers. She showed up her first day of undergrad in overalls and flip flops She has never since worn overalls. Though, she does admit to the occasional flip flop.

Katana currently lives in Brooklyn, NY as a newlywed with her husband and two rescue dogs She is frequently found in coffee shops, hovering over her laptop and cup of iced coffee. Will leave readers on their knees begging for more! Help Centre.