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Montesquieu, Persian Letters 1 p. Text Notes.

  1. CHAP. VIII.: Of the Divisions which always subsisted in the City.!
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  5. Zu: Antonio Buero Vallejos Las Meninas: Actualidad y crítica social en el drama histórico (Spanish Edition);
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Persian Letters. Usbek to Rhedi, at Venice.

Persian Letters by Montesquieu reviewed by Ingrid Ashida

Each has such sovereign contempt for the other two, that sometimes a man who deserves to be looked down upon because he is a fool, is despised only because he is a lawyer. Description "This translation of Montesquieu's unsurpassed epistolary novel, the first to appear in over thirty years, is completely new and aims at being as literal as possible, including pulling no punches with the erotic elements. This means, among other things, that the translators have attempted to render the same word throughout the work as consistently as good sense allows.

This places readers in a position to see the various ways in which Montesquieu associates one character with another. Also, by allowing Montesquieu to speak for himself, readers will be able to see more clearly than in any other translation both the seriousness and playfulness of Montesquieu's intention. Nevertheless, due attention has been paid to the beauty of the literary character of the work. This will be the standard translation for years to come. Persian Letters journeys across the unending landscape of things human, providing readers the opportunity to think through an astonishing number of themes - mastery and slavery, jealousy, philosophy and tyranny, self-deception, commerce, nature and convention, the best life for a human being, vanity, glory, and human sexuality.