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And, of course, East Asian students are hardly alone in being served inauthentic versions of foods they grew up eating. Nor was the spaghetti carbonara, nor the Danishes, nor the beef goulash. The best spin I could put on this is that these people are basically using the language of appropriation to push for better food service, but I am afraid they are serious.

Should these students be understood as having an understandable desire for higher-quality food—who can blame them for urging the powers that be to feed them better?

Student nurse recalls horror of Okinawa fighting

Neither option seems quite right to me. Oberlin is full of intelligent people. If there is, in fact, some opportunism to the way these students are framing their complaints, does it suggest that Oberlin would do well to better guard against the exploitation of its frequently admirable efforts to be inclusive? I suppose my questions telegraph my perspective. At the very least, these students would be well served by more exposure to different ways of thinking, if only so that they can understand why so many outsiders perceive them to be the privileged jerks of this particular story.

One of them even told me that she had never seen or heard of a chickpea before she started working there. These critiques may be harsh, but are not grounded in antagonism toward the students. It seems to me that staff and administrators at Oberlin ill-serve these students insofar as they accommodate behavior of this sort without offering any critique in response. It's the only job I ever wanted. It's my job to take college activists seriously. And this reflects bigger problems … life is full of political injustice, but also full of just sucky and disappointing shit, and you need to know the difference … I have this crazy hang up: I care about student activists so much, I pay attention to whether their tactics can actually win or not.

I understand why some observers are inclined to defend young people when they become objects of ridicule in the New York Post. I certainly oppose demonizing these students. But constructive criticism is not only legitimate, it is salutary. From the outside, Oberlin seems unable to provide dissent in anything like the quality and quantity needed to prepare these young people for the enormous complexity of life in a diverse society, where few defer to claims just because they are expressed in the language of social justice.

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The Atlantic Crossword. The Print Edition. Latest Issue Past Issues. Conor Friedersdorf is a California-based staff writer at The Atlantic, where he focuses on politics and national affairs. Follow us on Flipboard. She has a proven love for animals with over 60 articles written exclusively about them. While she does find cats extremely adorable, thanks to the Internet her all-time favorite animal is a raccoon. I don't mind that, it's just that I hate how this site's quality has come down the past 6-ish months.

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I do, however, HATE the list cutting. I don't think it was clickbait. It was exactly what it claimed to be. It was, however, quite boring. I generally think of clickbait as something that seems exciting but has a huge letdown. But I do agree with you on the boring part. They didn't need words yes, I counted to talk about one sentence. Kinda cute, yes.

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Smart, not especially. The problem with this "report" is that there's absolutely no indication that the person either read the book or watched the movie. Everybody knows this line, since it was in all the trailers. So very predictable.

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