Manual Exploring Great Basin National Park: Including Mount Moriah Wilderness

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We did the alpine lakes loops as well. Got to Stella lake before sunrise and made breakfast up there. Went through the bristlecone pine grove lots of signs to learn about the trees and then went to the furthest point to see the glacier. Took just under 3 hours to do the whole thing not including stopping for breakfast. Such a nice little hike up to the arch. Gradual switchbacks up the mountainside. Very exposed as the area has been hit by a wildfire sometime ago.

Don't recommend doing it mid day like we did. We loved that we didn't see a single soul the entire hike up and back. A true hidden gem for those that love visiting national parks and missing all the crowds.

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We did this hike last month. It was awesome!! Great trail, beautiful views. It gets a little rocky as you get closer to the glacier but not bad. Stop at the visitor center and get their map. Can't wait to go back!! Great trail!

Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area

First two miles are pretty flat while the grade increased significantly the last two miles. We completely in 5. Summit was around 1pm and on the way down many clouds rolled in. Hike was incredibly windy so bring layers for last two miles above tree line. Fantastic hike! We saw wild turkey, docile deer, awesome aspen trees and voluptious views on this hike. Well worth the effort! Well kept trail, nothing especially unique except the pines, as the glacier is nearly gone unfortunately.

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That said, 5 stars because the pines are so impressive in their ecological history. I would recommend combining this with the Alpine lakes trail that comes off it for a couple extra miles and some small lakes. Close up and enchanting encounter with millenia-old bristle cones.

Mt. Charleston Loop Trail, Nevada

The trail continures further to the foot of the glacier, bit with so little of the poor guy left, we stopped at a good overlook of the deep cirque. Best Trails near Baker, Nevada reviews. Show More Show Less.

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Reviews Photos Recordings Sort By. Nicholas Cheranich on Alpine Lakes Trail. Elizabeth Bennett on Alpine Lakes Trail. Darrel R. Closed on Federal holidays. Explore This Park. Great Basin National Park Nevada. Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve. Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive.

A true mountain road, the scenic drive hugs the mountains of the South Snake Range, slowly winding you to a point above all others, where vistas reach the horizon, and one is met with a pristine view of the rugged, harsh, yet surprisingly beautiful Great Basin Desert. Driving into the Clouds Starting at the Park boundary on Nevada Highway , the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive takes you on a paved 12 mile, out and back road to an elevation exceeding 10, feet above sea level, to the face of Wheeler Peak.

Along this 12 mile road, you will gain over 4, feet in elevation, and cross through numerous ecological zones, the equivalent of driving from Baker, Nevada, to the frozen Yukon, thousands of miles to the north.

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As you leave the Great Basin Desert, you will be amazed as to the diversity of life that lives just feet above the barren desert beneath. It is not uncommon to see mule deer, marmots, coyotes, jackrabbits, as you climb along the road. Look closely, and you will see subtle differences between these two common trees.

Pinyon pines have sharp, round needles emerging singly from the tree stem, while juniper needles are very short and lay close together, giving the appearance of scales. As you examine the forest, you will see groves of white fir, Douglas fir, and ponderosa pine. Telling these trees apart is as easy as looking at their needles. The remoteness and solitude at Mt. Moriah are rarely equaled in the Lower Where: miles west of Salt Lake City.

Nevada's Mt. Moriah Wilderness

After about 8 miles, be on the lookout for a sign indicating a left turnoff to Hendrys Creek trailhead. Can't make it to Canada? Way up in Nevada's East Humboldt Wilderness, finding solitude and water are sure bets.

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