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Research orientation of teaching. BA theses in cooperation with private organisations. International orientation of bachelor programmes. International orientation of master programmes. Opportunities to study abroad. International research grants. Total number of students in field major. Academic staff fte. Percentage of female students. Additional information.

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MA theses in cooperation with private organisations. See this department in the national CHE Ranking. Inorganic, Organic, Physikal Chemistry. Attachment style and marital satisfaction: Evidence for dyadic configuration effects. Probing the malleability of implicit and explicit self-esteem: An interview approach. Teige, S. Psychophysiological responses to appraisal dimensions in a computer game.

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Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 39 , Implicit bias in impression formation: Associations influence the construal of individuating information. European Journal of Social Psychology, 33, Double dissociation between implicit and explicit personality self-concept: The case of shy behavior. Affective priming with liked and disliked persons: Prime visibility determines congruency and incongruency effects. Cognition and Emotion, 15 , Plessner, H.

Scherer, K. Emotion inferences from vocal expression correlate across languages and cultures. Bern: Huber. Emotion und Interaktion.

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Otto, H. Mandl Hrsg. Weinheim: Beltz, Psychologie Verlags Union.

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Automatic evaluation of self and significant others: Affective priming in close relationships. The role of projection and empathic accuracy in dyadic perception between older twins. Diagnostica, 43 , Acoustic profiles in vocal emotion expression. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 70 3 , The intensity of facial expression is determined by underlying affective state and social situation.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 69, Vocal cues in emotion encoding and decoding. Motivation and Emotion, 15 , Website durchsuchen. Erweiterte Suche…. Psychologie B. Psychologie Begleitfach M. Psychologie Diplom auslaufend Bewerbung B. Psychologie Hauptfach B. Thomas Plieger Akademischer Rat M. Christian Montag Prof. Sebastian Markett M.

Das Zwangsinventar OCI-R - die deutsche Version des Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory-Revised