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Die sollen nicht nur anschauen, sondern auch teilhaben. This becomes apparent in the permanent exhibition: Frankfurt Now! Frankfurt Once? The exhibition with many original exhibits not only features informative texts but also various multimedia content. Das wird an den Dauerausstellungen deutlich: Frankfurt Jetzt! Frankfurt Einst?

It shows the city as residents see it. Based on that the Rotterdam artist Hermann Helle built an exceptional city model that shows the diversity of its quarters. Since opening its doors in , the International Maritime Museum Hamburg has impressed visitors with the comprehensive collection of founder Peter Tamm.

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He discovered his love for ships when he was just six years old and his mother gave him a small ship model as a present. Today the maritime museum is a place where visitors can go exploring all day long. Die Liebe zur Schifffahrt begann bereits als er sechs Jahre alt war und seine Mutter ihm ein kleines Schiffsmodel schenkte.

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The museum is an absolute must-see for all ship enthusiasts but it is equally fascinating for landlubbers. Families with kids can explore the Kaispeicher B using an exciting treasure map. Information about exhibitions and opening hours can be found online. Explore a diverse cultural landscape Culture enthusiasts will find their fair share of things to do in Switzerland as the country is full of great museums, inspiring art galleries and exhibitions, diverse cultural offerings and much more.

Emil Frey Classics based in Swiss Safenwil offers not only an exciting museum of classic cars but is also the ideal event venue. And for those looking to buy a classic car or in need of repairs to their own, this is the ideal place. Und wer auf der Suche nach einem Classic Car oder Reparatur-Service ist, hat hier ebenfalls die richtige Adresse gefunden. The museum is heaven on earth for classic car fans. In the atmospheric hall of the old textile factory around 60 rarities of the Emil Frey Collection are permanently showcased on 1, square metres.

In der stimmungsvollen Halle der alten Textilfabrik werden auf 1, Quadratmetern rund 60 Sammler- und Liebhaberfahrzeuge aus der Emil Frey Sammlung permanent ausgestellt. Currently the special exhibition Cars and Architecture tells the exciting history of Swiss architecture in relation to cars such as dealership constructions , displaying unique photographs and vehicles. The location is also a fantastic event venue for any occasion for up to guests, with or without a guided tour of the museum. So, if you are looking for a location with an extraordinary flair, you have found your place.

Wood tells us a story that we are not allowed to know but invited to see. My objects are shaped by woodturning with wet wood and thus, through warping during the drying process, the wood contributes to the final form of my works - like this, my objects become holzArt.

In meinen, aus nassem Holz gedrechselten Objekten, beteiligt sich das Holz, durch das Verziehen im Trocknungsprozess, an der Endform meiner Arbeiten und so werden meine Objekte zu holzArt. Josef Mueller started the collection in and his son-in-law Jean Paul Barbier, a collector himself, completed it by enriching it and giving it coherence. The collection today houses about 7, objects, including art from classical and tribal antiquity as well as sculptures, fabrics and ornaments from civilisations all around the globe.

Left: Board mask. Tussian, Burkina Faso. Acquired from Robert Duperrier in Paris in Private collection. In the early s, Swiss collector Josef Mueller moved to Paris where he met artists and art dealers who introduced him to non-western art. However, it was later shown that this was not the case, since the mask was collected in the then French Congo more than 20 years after the picture was painted.

The museum sets up two major exhibitions each year displaying a selection of objects from its collection. It also organises travelling exhibitions and lends out objects to international museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Bottom left: Facial mask. Republic of Congo. Hongwe or Ngare.

Gabon, Kwele. Former Tristan Tzara collection, Paris. The Swiss photography think tank The Fotomuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland is a leading institution for presenting and discussing contemporary and historical photography.

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In this article, we take a closer look at what unites history, photography, and ideas about contemporary society. Founded in , the Swiss photography museum analyses the versatility of photographic media via various outlets like exhibitions, publications, and events. In addition, the Fotomuseum Winterthur has also been building up their very own collection of photographic art ever since Our goal is to inspire and surprise our visitors of every age.

Upon request, the museum offers guided tours and workshops in English. In addition, there are English text descriptions throughout the exhibitions. Plus, we are celebrating our 25year anniversary and are in the process of developing a collection exhibition. Right: Exterior view of Fotomuseum Winterthur. Die Ausstellung Nachbilder. Mai Discover the man behind the genius When Albert Einstein — lived in the Swiss city of Bern, he came up with a revolutionary theory that changed our perception of time and space forever.

A good hundred years later, the Einstein Museum in Bern offers a unique insight into the life and work of the famous scientist. Due to its phenomenal success, the temporary exhibition was then converted into a permanent one now known as the Einstein Museum. Other key themes of the exhibition include the horrors of the Holocaust, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Travel, the guide can even be downloaded prior to your visit. Those who would like to know more will be pleased to hear that a ticket to the Einstein Museum also includes ten other. And if you would like to combine an educational museum visit with a fun day out, you should head to Bern on 15 June Escape the city and its hustle and bustle by focusing on exciting challenges high up in the air. Equipped with appropriate climbing gear, visitors can test and train their balancing and coordination skills on 12 obstacle courses at varying levels of difficulty.

The team at the Zurich High Ropes park provides professional instruction and watches over every section of the courses, making your stay safe and secure. Team events always create a great atmosphere, both at climbing and archery contests and during the fondue barbecues afterwards. Anyone of average health can enjoy the adventure and thrill of overcoming up to different obstacles.

At the Zurich High Ropes park no prior trai-. During the summer months, visitors can relax in the outdoor pool in the shared area afterwards. And throughout the season, lovely barbecue areas are available for grilling your own food.


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You might also feel tempted to book a yummy barbecue event, with Swiss delicacies on a stick and chocolate bananas for dessert. Boost your adrenaline and free your mind during a perfect break from work and business at the Zurich High Ropes park. Even before they reopened at the beginning of March, legendary Hotel Stein was already known far beyond Salzburg and its surrounding areas. First mentioned on record as early as when it was still a pub, the listed building has been carefully renovated during the past year.

The brand-new hotel concept successfully combines the typical styles of Salzburg and Venice. Integrating this historic background into the new hotel concept has proven extremely successful already. The 56 rooms and suites are lovingly decorated with carefully selected pieces of art, which is of utmost importance for owner Rinaldo Ivernizzi. Various handmade unique lamps and glass artworks specifically made for the hotel are on display for the guests and give Hotel Stein its very special charm.

The large-scale photography by Salzburgbased photographer Luigi Caputo complements this further. The photos show moments of Venice and Salzburg and are homage to both of these remarkable places. Her glass art is installed right by the bridge in the public space directly in front of the hotel and continues throughout the interior, which creates a lovely stylistic connection between the inside and the outside. The interior design of Hotel Stein uses the colour blue as its dominant element, reminiscent of the blue sky or the blue lagoon.

Blue is known as a calming colour, one that promotes harmony and stands for infinity: A perfect match for the hotel. Influenced by modern interior design trends but without losing its own character, Hotel Stein convinces with a light-filled relaxed atmosphere. Luxury with the true flair of. The wellness area with a sauna, a gym and a lovely little spa invites guests to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle.

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Instead of using hotel cosmetics, which are manufactured industrially, Hotel Stein chose a partnership with Saint Charles Wien-Berlin. The high quality natural cosmetics are ethically produced and only use herbs as ingredients, without any additives or chemicals. Located on the roof terrace on the seventh floor, the Seven Senses is an absolute hotspot for visitors and locals alike.

It is open regardless of the weather and offers new food and bar concepts that will truly engage all senses. The atmosphere is laid-back with. With stunning panoramic views of the scenic old parts of Salzburg and a variety of international culinary highlights, this is simply a fantastic place to be. From breakfast to dinner, the Seven Senses is a must for any visitor to Salzburg. Due to its popularity it is recommended to reserve a table right away when you book a room.

There is also a brand new private lounge for up to twelve people, which features its own private outdoor area. All in all, Hotel Stein celebrates a new form of hospitality with a subtle elegance and quiet excellence. Modern features, tasteful design and art, and a concept that merges the best of two worlds: Hotel Stein is not just a hotel but a lifestyle. Have you packed your bags yet? Left: The center for cancer treatment and research is located in Wiener Neustadt, 50 kilometres south of Vienna.

Top right: The accelerator speeds the particles up to , kilometres per second.

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Below left: Exact and stable positioning of the patients is indispensable in ion therapy. Below right: The treatment planning for every patient is based on the diagnostic imaging. At the ion therapy and research centre MedAustron in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, patients benefit from an innovative form of radiation therapy. Ion beam therapy uses charged particles for irradiation — protons or carbon ions.